The quest and prayers are for contentment and serenity realized through oneness. Among other names, the Mother Goddess is also called Nityatrupta.

Let us begin the journey towards a more authentic, equitable, and sustainable world. It is said that the one which is deeply desired manifests is the belief. So, aspire for really high goals.

Many contribute and influence the formation of any understanding and views. Credits go to them and all limitations are of this person.
Reflections here is a genuine and authentic attempt to look and re-look at things, events, and developments in an unbiased way, to the extent possible, and presented holistically on "as is" basis.
Views are formed for the academic purpose of conceptual understanding and context appreciation. The value-add can be an aspirationally better outcome, and possibly defining the path for the same, where applicable.
The thoughts and views shared are subject to contextual influences and unintended perceptual limitations.
This may please be seen as the aspirational best effort and not as the ideal journey's outcome.